its not really like the music i listen to(hardcore) at all. its the first recording so there are quite a few mistakes. hope you enjoy.its in my profile c4c
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wow, that was really different. it gave of this nice beachside feel, or like your just chillin' and letting the breeze brush up on you. i quite enjoyed that. you should check out the song i wrote its midi atm but its still towards the final stages if i can write a few more songs ill cut them in real life with my bud.


once again very nice recording. and i didn't here mistakes, but then again i was listening to the tone more than actual skill.
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I really liked it, the rhythm guitar parts were epic. Seriously, it was awesome and you had a great fast pace going.
Fantastically put together and you layered the guitars quite well also.

There were some very nice melodies in the lead, maybe vary it up a little and add some more lead parts with the one you have but it complements the rhythm very well. However that's the only real critique I can think of, sounded very good to me and I like your composition skills.
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