How is this pedal? I have a pretty big list of pedals that i want and one is a Retro Sonic Vintage Vibes Delay Pedal. Would it make sense to Have both? I just would want another delay pedal and a looper so thought that this would be good. But I didn't know if it was worth it.
I have one and its pretty awesome. its extremely versatile and the looper is extremely useful. however, there is a slightly noticeable volume drop when you play at high volumes, but i still wouldn't trad it for the world.
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I have one as well. I seem to have fixed the volume drop by putting it in front of the amp instead of the loop(I think the mods on the trails sounds better there anyway). Its a good investment. It has so much stuff to use that you probably would not need another delay pedal unless you wanted to double up on delays. The looper is also very useful.
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