i have a Hagstrom Super Swede with upgraded seymour duncan pick-ups (JB in bridge, '59 in neck). its probably about 2 or 3 years old. it has really good action, better than most guitars ive played, and it sounds great. its pretty much a les paul on steroids. its got a few scratches here and there but nothing major. the worst thing is a small "crack" where the fretboard meets the neck by the headstock. it hasnt gotten any bigger in 2 years though, so i think it might just be the paint chipping. you cant even notice it while your playing and its hard to see. ive used it at 2 or 3 shows and practice sometimes but it sits in its case most of the time. i wish i could keep it but i want something lighter, this thing is just too big for me. it sells for about 650 on musiciansfriend.com and the pickups were around 160 together. ill throw in a ratty old hardshell case it came with, its not broken, just torn up. make me an offer. (possibly open to trades for any GIBSON sg model guitar)