Randall RM-50B
and the
RG 50 tc

Still researching which amp to buy, i seen the RM-50B for like 60% off at local store some special deal so i'm thinking of getting it but i'm not sure if it's good for the metal i'm into, such as Nightwish.

Please give me your brief (or detailed if u wish :P) opinion of these amps .
The RM50 will be much better than the RG, although the RG is still a pretty good amp IMO. The RM series can do pretty much any guitar sound really well, so you can't really go wrong there.


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The RG is alright, but the RM rapes it in sound quality, it will do whatever you want, you just need the right modules.
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I have the RG...it's decent. Could be better, but it works good enough for me. I'd try both and see which you like better
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