Okey I am thinking about buying a Ibanez Prestige RG1527. I want a 7string guitar and this guitar just perfect.

Wizard-7 Prestige neck
5pc. Maple/ Wenge Neck Material
Basswood Body
24/Jumbo frets
Rosewood Finger Board
Edge Pro 7 bridge
IBZ V7-7 (H) Neck PU
IBZ V8-7 (H) Bridge PU
Pearl Dot Inlay
CK : Hardware Color

The pickups will be replaced by a Dimarzio Air Norton7 in the neck and a D-sonic7 in the bridge.

So what do you think of this guitar, it's quite a bargain since it only( ) costs about 1.900$ without the dimarzio pickups.
Wrong forum. You will get better help over in the guitar forum.


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Try and find an RG7620 used. I much prefer the LoPro Edge to the Edge Pro, not to mention it's going to cost a lot less in the long run, and is just as good as the 1527, if not better.
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