hi. this is the start of me trying to find songs i can do well enough to busk. the only difference should be me fingerpicking the tune instead of playing the other instruments and no backing vocals. the song's on my profile. all criticism's appreciated and i will probably crit you back.
I like it! It's a great song no matter how you play and it works really well as a folk song. Well done!
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I liked it too! I love the original music and you took it and made a nice new approach
Okay, I really dig it. I like that song folky, it's really, really cool like that =D. Keep it up, you're good.
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That sounded like a lot of fun... I really like what you did with it. Obviously the singer in the original isn't anything special, haha, so I thought you did a great job matching that awkward pitch that the vocalist uses. I enjoyed the new flavor you brought to it. Your tuning was a bit flat on some of the slides, but I'm sure thats something you can work out no problem.

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