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Which have been the best and the worst band reunions (musically and the reasons why etc)? Jacko would have been one of the best comebacks.
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Well the Jimi Hendrix Experience reunion was a little pathetic, I've got to say.
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Take That did really well when the re-formed. I still loathe them with all my guitar heart.

well it might be a representation of music today but i think they are writing stronger tunes than any other pop band. i was watching kerrang and flicked over to watch their first single from their reunion.
Faith No More at download. Awesome.

Also, Limp Bizkit. They're just as bad as they were before, but somehow they have MORE fans now!
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KISS 1996 Reunion tour.

Would have been awesome all I can do is look at videos.

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Phish reuninon=awesome

the rolling stones' million farewell tours...not so awesome

this. just saw them in pittsburgh not too long ago. they were AMAZING.
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KISS 1996 Reunion tour.

Would have been awesome all I can do is look at videos.

fuck KISS

The Led Zeppelin reunion was pretty good I guess,
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fuck KISS

The Led Zeppelin reunion was pretty good I guess,

They shouldve done an entire tour, instead of just one night at the 02.

A date at Reading Fest wouldve been good

Worst reunion - Blink 182

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Led Zeppelin at the O2 in December '07, without a shadow of a doubt.
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Carcass at Wacken was great from the youtube videos they still looked tight.

As for worse band Limp Bizkit.
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Best= Emperor reunion.
They got back together and made some tour DVDs and they're still amazing.

Worst= Limp Bizkit...Fred needs to realize that no one cares.
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Take That did really well when the re-formed. I still loathe them with all my guitar heart.

I like Take That They write some seriously good tunes now, far better than their gay boyband days.

Obviously, I think the X Japan reunion was amazing, they're still amazingly tight, and having Sugizo in the band has really made them shine. Also, Faith No More's reunion was great, watched some vids of them at Download, so "epic"

Limp Bizkit really shouldn't have reformed though, can't understand why everyone's going mad for them now when they hated them years ago
Lynyrd Skynyrd?

theyre dead tho.
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And i suppose when the chili peppers make more music it'll be godlike, but they never really broke up.
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94? Not bad. It shall improve >=)

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Rage Against The Machine reforming for those few shows was awesome.

Blink 182 has just been sad.
best = blur
worst = limp bizkt
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i guess testament's is good. i really like the new album they did, but i have not had the chance to see them live
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best = blur
worst = limp bizkt

Agree with this man... he knows what hes talking about

In the last year or so A have reunited after a brief hiatus, that might be good.

I was kinda happy when blink 182 got back together, but I've watched there shows so far on youtube... and Tom's voice sucks for some reason, and the songs sound a bit dated and old now. I prefer Angels and Airwaves and +44 over blink.
Pink Floyd. The best one ever.
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Iron Maiden didn't break up or anything, but Bruce and Adrian both left for a while, them reuniting with Maiden bringing back the famous lineup + another guitarist came out pretty well?
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Lifetime were pretty strong after their reunion. I'm still hoping and praying for a Fugazi reunion and Bear vs. Shark would be cool too.
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all reunions are bad reunions. the chemistry that held the band together is gone, and its usually just some ****ty nostalgia trip for money...
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I thought she kind of ruined the song to be honest, but when she wasn't doing anything and I was ignoring her it was amazing
I'm watching other songs from their show and all the random personnel are annoying me lol
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Smashing Pumpkins = Best
Smashing Pumpkins = Worst

Depending on how much of a douche Billy Corgan is being at the time.
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Take That reunion was quite good, their recent songs are annoying catchy
Smashing Pumpkins were okay...a decent enough album, and it meant they were playing live shows again.
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