The Beggining
I love it although I believe the drums should carry a half time feel but thats just me.

Chorus and verse1
I dont think I agree or like the way the piece took off. The intro was great but the chorus and verse lacks the something the intro had.

I loved the feeling it created and it served to increase momentum

Didnt like this at all. Started turning too dark from the beggining

The ending is rather abrupt and comes to a screeching halt.

I like the feeling in the intro and solos. Overall 5/10
Well, I wouldn't say pop-punk at all, but I hear the punk in it.

I like the chorus. It sorta reminds me of Danzig for some reason... Oh well. I like the drums in the whole thing. The intro is great. I think you could make the transition into the solo a little better, and have ended it a little better, but that's about it for the solo. The second solo I think was better, I'm not sure why. A little slower, more thought-out, maybe?

At the beginning the key change was pretty natural going from E to A, but if you were trying to do it again at the end, it failed horribly. Like LesPaulluapseL said, it ends very fast.

Still pretty good, though.

Crit mine? Any in the sig, but I'd prefer Tired of You.
change the last note of the first solo (not because it is a harmonic) and youll be the next Offspring and everybody will be tadadaing that riff