Well what is a strong beat and what is a weak beat?
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well in standard four four time when you count out 1 2 3 4 the strong beats would normally be beats 1 and 3 and the weak beats would be 2 and 4. These 1 and 3 are emphasized making them strong unless you were playing offbeat in which case the opposite would be true....hope that helps somewhat
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Strong beats are the stressed beats of a time signature. Different time sigs have different stressed beats. It's very important to accent them properly, something which many musicians seem to take for granted even though they don't always do it.

Strong and weak beats can also help you make out what time sig you are in.
Are you talking about the upbeat and downbeat?
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Are you talking about the upbeat and downbeat?

No, that's slightly different. Strong beats are the stressed beats, while the upbeat is usually the last beat in a measure which signals the new measure. More or less.
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