So at first I was looking after an already built guitar, but I didn't find anything that completely filled me (so far it was a LTD M-1000) so I got into Warmoth and I really liked and I want to assemble my first guitar, since I live outside the US it wasn't easy to buy any other guitar, and I prefer to have one that fits me. So here are the specs, I don't know if any of you want to give an opinion.
NOTE: Me and my parents already decided to start buying the parts in my next birthday (sept 7th) and I'll change for a new amp too (B-52 AT-112, not gigging to much, almost 100% bedroom playing).


Specs and Prices:
Warmoth KWS Neck
-25.5" scale
-Warmoth "Pro" Construction $192.00
-KWS Peghead Shape
-Right Hand
-Neck Wood: Maple
-Fingerboard: Ebony
-Width of neck at nut: 1-11/16" (42.85mm) [???]*
-Standard Thin Neck Contour
-Gotoh/Grover tuner holes
-Fretwire: Nickel/Silver 6150 (Jumbo)
-Inlay: None
-Neck Binding: None
-Nut: Floyd Locking Style $45.00
-Compound 10" Neck Radius
-Predrilled Mounting Holes
-All Clear Satin Finish (only back, no finish on fretboard) $65.00
-24 Fret Extension $25.00

********************************** Neck-Total: $327.00 ************

Warmoth Iceman Body
-Icemanl Style Body $330.00
-Body Wood: Mahogany
-Laminate Top: Flamed Maple
-1-3/4" Thick Solid Construction
-Original Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge Routing
-Rear Rout Control Cavity
-Humbucker/Humbucker routing combination
-Regular 4 pot hole location
-Jack hole diameter: 7/8"
-Paint Color: Red Dye $220.00
-Transparent Finish
-Cream Body Binding (Top) $30.00
-24 Fret Extention Pickup Rout Reposition $35.00
********************************* Body-Total: $615.00 *************

Warmoth Hardware
-Original Floyd Rose Tremolo, Black $180.00
-Neck Screw, Set of 4, Black $3.00
-Tall Humbucker Mounting Ring, Black $3.50
-Schaller Strap Locks, Pair, Black $17.25
-Gotoh SG38 Tuner, Left, Black (6) $34.50
-Capacitor, Ceramic Disc, .047uf, 50 Volt $0.50
-Capacitor, Ceramic Disc, .022uf, 50 Volt $0.50
-Electrosocket with Switchcraft Jack, Black $12.00
-500K Pot, By CTS (3) OR 500K Pot, By CTS (1) & 250K Pot, By CTS (2) $15.00
-Barrel Knob, Black (3) $6.00
-LP Toggle Switch, Straight, Black $11.50
-Neck Plate, Black $6.75

********************************* Hardware-Total: $290.50 **********

********************************* Warmoth.com Subtotal: 1,232.50 **
********************************* Warmoth.com Shipping: ???? *****
********************************* Warmoth.com Total: $1,232.50 + (???)****

Guitar Center (Apparently)
-DiMarzio DP102 X2N Pickup (Black) $79.99
-DiMarzio Tone Zone Guitar Pickup (Black F-spaced) $79.99

********************************* Pickups-Total: $159.98 **********
********************************* Guitar Total: $1,392.48 + (???)****

I'm not sure how much it will be for shipping to the northern part of Mexico, and since I don't know any store tha ships DiMarzio Pickups internationally I think I'm going to McAllen to buy them. Suggestions accepted.
So waht do you guys think about my little project?
*I don't know if leaving like that, because I've seen guitars that say "Nut width 42mm" and I don't know if they're rounding the mm or they really are 42mm
PD: is funny to imagine an Iceman with a banana headstock
My gear:
-LTD EC401VF DMZ in Lemon Drop
-Ormsby Run 3 Hype GTR
-Michael Kelly 1953 in Blue Jean Wash
-Yamaha C40M
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