I beleive there is a computer thread but i tried searchbaring and had not luck.

In any case, i have about 700 bucks. I am a moderate gamer, play some games like D2, Warcraft, probably D3 and SC2 when they come out. However i dont care too much to have my settings on high and such, id just like to be able to play with decent graphics and such. I am going to college so im buying a laptop. Newegg currently has 3 laptops at 699. Now, being an Intel and Nvidia junkie i really dont know how they compare to AMD and ATI respectively.

So here they are




I am leaning on the MSI since it has a 3 year warranty and the Acers only have 1 year.
im in the same situation as you.

i have 700 bucks budget. and i need a sweet laptop.

i was gazing at the Toshiba Satellite A505-S6960 that best buy has for 650.

its has quite amazing specs.
sorry dude wish i could help.....

theres a computer thread where you'll be able get some help though
Stick to Asus. Acers are notoriously bad for laptops.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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