I know everyones like omfg, they allz sukz!
But, my mom wants to get me a present. $200 on a guitar. She wont let me add money to it, because shes stuborn like that, so out of these three basses, which would you recomend? Ive played all but the Rogue.






That Rogue looks sexy as hell, and has the highest rating. But my closest music store is almost 200 miles away and doesnt have any Rogues.

So, pick me a bass!
I'd personally get the Fender. You've never played the Rogue, so I wouldn't just jump into that. Also, I don't think Epiphone Basses are too good.
I'd go for the Squier too, great value, solid construction and all the ones I played sounded pretty good. Jazzes are very versatile too.
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i've owned a squier guitar for like 3 years and its still a great guitar to use, Squier wont fail you
If you can't add any choices, then the squier. You already seem to not want the epiphone (and I don't disagree) and from what i've heard the quality of Rogue's instruments is not very reliable
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get the Fender man, that epiphone was my first bass and it is a piece of crap unless your willing to do alot of maitenance on it.
Epi basses are awful, the Rouge sounds like a bad, unknown brand and I personally own a Squier so I can vouch for their solid build.

Squier all the way.
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I bought this for 150 new on craigslist:

I would check the craigslist in your area and see if you can get something a little better used in your price range.

If I was picking just those 3, I would get the Squier, but I like the GSR200 more though.
In reference to Ibanez the GSR200 is a very good bass, I started on one and it lasted me a long time before I wanted to go and buy a better bass.

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I second on the Ibanez gsr cus that's what I started on, but if you absolutely have to then the squier isn't bad plus it comes in blue and I'm a sucker for blue basses...and yea I hate epi's and the rogue may look good but I've heard some issues with reliability