So recently i've been learning modes and scales and decided to make a song.
So here it is ---> Click <---
(btw i know i messed with the organ thing)
Well, we all have to start somewhere. Its good that you're branching out creatively.

-Some suggestions. The first lead bit off the bat is a little out of tune, so its a little painful to hear. The slow down is cool. But then the entire thing just kind of meanders. The drums could be a little more substantial, and consider finding a nice chord progression to play under your noodlings.
-not gonna lie, the organ is pretty bizarre.

Overall, I would suggest trying to write something in more of a traditional song structure. And keep practicing. practice practice.
Also, I went against my better judgment giving you a decent crit because of the 1-liner you left on mine. So a word to the wise...if you want nice, in depth critiques. Leave them for other people, not just one line saying "This is awesome". Thats not a crit.

Good luck, godspeed.
it was good for a start i like how it slows down, that was pretty cool. try to stick with a certain chord progression in order to make the song more fluent. the guy above me pretty much said it all. anyway keep at it and good luck.

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