Putting a couple of Seven stringers up for sale - this and a Schecter Damien-7 (listed elsewhere).

Made In Japan 1999.

This guitar is in great condition, with just a few very small paint chips on the edge of the body. Unfortunately, Ibanez basswood guitars are notorious for this. However, this guitar - considering it's age - has very few and very small/minor chips compared to most other Ibanez's I have seen and owned. They have been touched up as well and are only apparent if you are really looking for them.

I set up guitars and would be happy to set this up to your specification before the sale. The set up will be included in the price. It may just mean it will be a couple more days before I can get it to you!

The stock pick-ups have been upgraded to DiMarzio Blazes in the bridge and neck - £170 worth of pick-ups alone! They sound and look great in this guitar.

The RG7620 has a lo-pro edge trem (which many believe - including me - is better than the newer Edge, especially because the pivot posts are the locking type which aids tuning stability). Please NOTE: the bridge has been changed from the usual black one found on these models to a Cosmo black one. It is still the same model bridge (lo-pro edge), and the knife edges are in better condition than the bridge which was originally on there (hence the reason for the change). I also think the bridge adds somthing to the sexiness of it! For those unfamiliar, the Cosmo hardware on Ibanezs is like a mid to dark grey.

The neck is super slim and feels great. The fingerboard has been oiled regularly with Fret Doctor oil from the USA - top quality stuff!

The guitar does not have a hardcase, but I do know of a firm who specialise in shipping large/awkward/fragile things. They're great. Postage would be £25 all in. Also, I would be happy to deliver it myself if you are not a million miles away....... Or meet half way......... Get in touch to discuss.

I've got loads of pics so let me know if you would like to see some or have any other questions.

Location: Norfolk, UK
Price: £475



mlirocchi "at" yahoo "dot" co "dot" uk
No problem mate......try this link to Photobucket. Not sure if it will work though - so get back to me if it doesn't!

Please note though:

- the pics were taken before the cosmo bridge was put on there. I'll try to get some up to date ones ASAP!

- the pics were also taken before I touched up the paint chips. They are barely noticable now. In fact, all I did was give the body a quick wipe over before taking those. If you want it set up, etc. - the guitar will arrive in much better condition that what it is in the pics (fretbgoard oiled, frets poliched, etc etc)

Let me know what you think


would you accept any trades?
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Not really anything I'm after at the mo I'm afarid. Saying that though, tell me what you have and you never know..........
Sorry mate, not of interest. Let me know if you manage to sell it and are still interested in this....

Just in case you haven't seen it, I also have a Schecter 7 for sale too.......
No thanks. Sorry. In fact, might be easier if I say no to all trades because there's nothing specific I need right now......other than money!!!!!