We need someone who can bang the drums. i don't care if you use accostic or electric drums, the result is the most important. no drum programmers, only real drummers.

Hi, we are playing metal and are still trying to find "our" style. so your oppinions would be appriciated too.

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What kind of metal?
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this is the best when playing paramore
still trying to find out hehe

if you're still interested can you just send me some samples to e-main/msn: imaaugo@hotmail.com.

... And if anyone else's interested, please show your interest
I may be interested.

Are you planning on recording covers or originals?

Do you have anything already recorded to get a sense of the type of metal you play? If it contains a lot of blast beats, I wouldn't really be interested.
You know what would be pretty cool?
A drum forum.
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That sky drumkit sucks big time...

How about the Drum Kit From Hell with eZDrummer, I use it all the time!
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