i've never played a schecter so i don't know, but you might be better off just going with a high end Squier or a low end Fender Jazz if you want to learn slap and stuff. But just try a local music store or something, they're bound to have some insight and you can try stuff out.
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Im currently asking the exact same question on my thread, and the general consensus is yeah theyre good.
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I was in the exact same position a few months ago, except I was playing a Schecter 5 string, and I can say that me and my guitarist both use Schecters and we'll both vow they're great!

Also on the 4 string business, for that price range, look up a company called 'Cort'. I recantly bought a Curbow off them and would have easily spent double the price for the same bass, really worth a look.

Hope that helps!
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The bother of learning with a five string is worth it in my opinion.
If you can play a five, you can play a four.
+1. If anything it'll improve your technique for when you play a four.