FS/FT: Gibson '57 Classic Pickups, MXR 6 Band EQ, Monster cables... MORE TO COME!!!

I've still got some stuff I need to sell to fund my upcoming Benford Tele... so buy it all! Now! :lol:

MXR 6-Band EQ: $55 SHIPPED and PAYPAL'd

Gibson '57 Classic PUP set ('57 Classic PLUS and the regular '57 Classic): $160 SHIPPED and PAYPAL'd

Monster Rock Cables: $160 SHIPPED and PAYPAL'd for the whole set ... $105 SHIPPED and PAYPAL'd for the 7 patch cables (.75') ... $35 SHIPPED and PAYPAL'd for the 2 1.5' patch cables (1 has 2 angled ends, the other has 2 straight ends) ... $30 SHIPPED and PAYPAL'd for the 21-foot instrument cable


Now for the pics!

MXR 6 Band EQ... MINT, LIKE NEW... velcro, will remove if needed...
I don't know if I want to sell this one or not... but if I do...


And here I've got my Gibson Classic '57 pickup set. They've got plenty of lead left in 'em, and you'll be getting the best humbuckers at a great price. I just clipped them off of the pots... but fear not... I clipped them RIGHT up against the pots, so there is still plenty of lead; I took virtually none off.

You've heard of how amazing these pickups are, and new, they cost about $120 apiece, and if you get both of them you'll be spending a whopping $240!!! YIKES!!!

If you don't believe that they're this good... click these links and READ THE REVIEWS:

Here's the deal...

Because I clipped them off rather than using a soldering iron, I'll sell them to you for:
$160 SHIPPED and PAYPAL'd, including springs and screws...

Considering what they run new, that's a HECK of a deal and you'll be hard pressed to find that kind of a deal anywhere else.


Nice shot of the pups.

Just to show you how much lead is still on there; mostly all of it.... PLENTY enough room to solder.

As you can see, I just clipped them off right at the end... RIGHT next to the pots, so that I lost virtually NONE of the lead.

The legendary "Patent Applied For" sticker that Gibson put on these pickups to show their innovation at the time they were invented.

I also have Monster Rock patch and instrument cables for sale/trade... clicky linky for pics and details:

If you don't wanna click on the link to see prices, here they are:

If you don't like the prices, make me an offer... the worst I can say is "no".

The whole set (7 .75' patch cables, 2 1.5' patch cables (1 w/ both angled ends, 1 w/ straight ends), 1 21' instrument cable): $160 shipped and paypal'd

JUST the .75' patch cables: $105 shipped and paypal'd
$15 each, shipped and paypal'd

JUST the 1.5 foot cables (there are 2 of them - one has both end plugs angled, the other has straight end plugs): $35 shipped and paypal'd
$18 EACH, shipped and paypal'd - they sell for $25-$30 on Ebay, usually not including shipping.

JUST the 21 foot instrument cable: $30 shipped and paypal'd - sells for $50 brand new on Ebay.

I mostly just want cash, but here's a few trades I MIGHT be interested in:
Empress Superdelay (will make up cash difference)
Catalinbread DLS
Keeley Compressor

References are here: Harmony Central (Gibson Dreamer... that's me...) See sig for references ... or you can call me if you don't trust them :lol::
830-377-1860 (Adam)
... I'm also on EBay as sooner.steamroll and have 33 transactions for 100% feedback rating.

Make me an offer on ANY of this stuff! The worst I can say is no. :thu: