Anyone know where i can find some Korpiklaani Tabs? (more than what they have here at least) Looking specifically for the new song Vodka.

any idea's appreciated

got to love that bit at the end where he screams "YEAH! VODKA!"

as for tabs i have no idea.
please do an english tour korpiklaani...
Can't offer anything, but god damn, Korpiklaani is amazing. I salute all who post in this topic.
folk metal is underappreciated

we need more korpiklaani, finntroll, tyr, and eluveitie tabs; as well as otehr bands like cruachan, waylander, skyclad; etc.

EDIT: folkearth as well, ill probably remember others
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Yay for more people that love Folk Metal!!

we def need more tabs of these bands, especially Skyclad, Korpiklaani and Eluvietie!