Hey, im playing some distorted guitar over some dnb breaks. But the whole thing does not sit toghetter, what EQ settings should i use to blend it nicely toghetter for my guitar and drums.

For pedal i have a boss me-50.

Thanks in advance
you need to be a bit more specific but the general rule is scoop the mids (not all the way) and lower the bass a touch also. You don't need to always add EQ and for the sake of levels/clipping etc instead of raising Treble you can also just drop the Bass.

what kind of stuff are you recording? rhythm guitar can use a softer tone and lead you may want a bit more piercing. Drums sit around the mid to high range EQ's (excluding bass kick) to you really want to get your guitars to blend in and compliment them but you already knew that lol

as for DnB there's probably a lot more bass so a softer tone would probably work and keep a bit of the mid on your amp
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K thanks, yeah i want a nice distorted guitar, like for instance(pendulum - voodoo people). Im not sure there is an EQ setting on the boss me-50? But i set it on MT-2 metal, get some drive, level, bottom, tone. So should i let the bottom stand at 0? Give it some drive and some tone, and not too much level?
well i'm not familiar with the me-50 distortion but as with any multi fx pedal the worst thing you can do it use one of the default distortions they tend to be awful IMO find one close to what you want, and then tweak the pants off it

Also I should ask what gear are you using to record? Direct input or are you micing an amp? tell what gear you have
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im not recording for the moment. Im just playing drum loops trough my amp and guitar trhough the same amp. When i record u use my audio interface ediral ua-25 just plary right trough the box to my laptop. So guitar => pedal => amp => line out => audio interface.
Guitar is a Epiphone les paul => amp is axl 30 T or somthing.
well an epi les paul should give you decent tone so try those EQ settings and just use your ear to do the fine tuning try a soft tone