i listend to spoken word. nice song. i love the progression/rythem. good lyrics. give yourself more credit for singing. i liked youre voice. reminded me a little bit of dylan. good job man. is that a touch of jack johnson im feeling? it semmed a little short. maybe add an intermemtal there at the end. it was a cool way to end, and i know you said its not done, but i think that would go good there. good job man. i would love to go see you play in a nice little coffee shop in amsterdam lol. keep it up. i would like to hear more of youre stuff. there is somthing very very good. im not sure what it is, but i like it. good job man.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1157214
Wow.. a lot of what you said just made my day. I've heard I sound like Dylan (and I also just saw Bob Dylan Live at Rothbury) crazy man. and strangely enough I do play at a coffee shop. but its just not in Amsterdam. Its in Michigan and I work there. In fact this next Thursday I will be playing there. I wrote more of the song. and i will most certainly record it and send you a link.
the song picks up and has a very strong Melodie. so yeah i just need to record. i don't work this week so i should be quite free.

thanks man.
Fantastic singing, seriously I can see the Dylan being mentioned in earlier posts. Good would be an understatement for the singing, it's fantastic.

Guitar had a rhythm to it, sort of completing the voice. I guess maybe do a less sudden ending and get the guitar to stick out a little more but really it's just a good song I can't really say anything bad about it. Just keep up the good work.

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(wow i sound like a dick there ^)
oh welll this is important.

Ok, I just want to thank you all very much for the crit. but just to prevent redundancy, i will say this only once. This was a test recording, i was playing guitar and singing at the same time in it. so my mic was a little too high so i could hear myself better. so you may not hear my guitar as well. i will do the final verson of this by recording them all separate and adding insturments and drums and what not.
i wrote the ending to the song witch it upbet and very strong, i think you will all enjoy it. I'll update the thread when its done.

but thank you all SO much. you all make me feel a whole lot better!