Ok so im looking at buying a ford ranger (used) becuz they are very customizable and i would like a 4cyl 5 speed. Im pretty sure the ones ive been looking at are XLT's. If i buy

one of these, what should be the first things i do to it? What should i clean? (like air filter?) and what should i make sure is good or what to replace. Im planning on buying one that has nothing wrong with it. But i just wanna do sum stuf to make it run cleaner.

Oh and when i save up some money , i wanna get a performance part that will give iit balls from a stand still, i dont need to go fast i just wanna be able to burn a lil rubber lol. Thx
Well, you wouldn't clean the air filter, especially if you're gonna buy it used, because that's one of the most under-replaced filters in an engine. Straight up replace it. Check the oil pressure, color, how much there still is. I would at least check the fuel filter's condition if the mileage is over 100,000. Check the tire's tread wear. See if it's uneven in some places, like, more wear on the left than the right. This will tell you if you'd need an alignment done, due to the tie rods adding or decreasing camber or toe in/out. Check the spark plugs, and the wires themselves, for wire splitting or any burns or anything. This will prevent spark plug misfires, and in the long run, it will prevent camshaft problems.
EDIT: All the above stuff are things you should check before buying the car.
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I don't much care for Ford, sorry.

Me either but rangers are easy on gas and their customizable as tits. Cheap parts ive seen too
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Me either but rangers are easy on gas and their customizable as tits. Cheap parts ive seen too

Same with a Honda, but you'll never see me driving one of those. RED, WHITE and BLUE baby!
Sorry, I'm biased. All my automotive instructors I've had have all worked for GM. If I had stuck with cars, I'd probably work there too.
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If you're going to replace the air filter, you should get a K&N lifetime air filter, they are amazing.
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My dad has one of those. The shifter's a pain. But I suck at stick.
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Me either but rangers are easy on gas and their customizable as tits. Cheap parts ive seen too

So is an S10.

I'm a Chevy guy and always will be.

edit: when first buying a new car/truck, automatically no matter what, replace/clean the air filter, change spark plugs, check oil, tranny fluid, lug nuts (sounds dumb but when a wheel flys off going 50 you'll be sorry).

If you want, you could add something like LucasOil tratments like fuel injector cleaner, stabilizers, gear lube, etc. but it isn't needed
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replace plugs, ignition wires, oil, oil filter and air filter

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