Poll: What age were you when you first got drunk?
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View poll results: What age were you when you first got drunk?
10 or below
19 5%
19 5%
101 29%
149 43%
47 13%
7 2%
21 and over
8 2%
Voters: 350.
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I was 15. I know, not smart. What about everyone else? Poll will be up in a sec.

Also, if anyone has a good first time you got drunk story, please post it too.
My story is actually pretty sweet. I went to a party with about 11 people ages 15-18 and we immediately started drinking everything in the house, from beer to margaritas to whiskey to tequila. I got pretty hammered and ended up getting a blowjob from some other 15 year old girl I barely knew
Then a sober buddy drove us all to his house and we crashed there.
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15. And I've been drunk ever since.
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I was 16, it was a house party, it was fun!
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I think I t'war 15.

but I've stupidly starting drinking a lot more since then.. I think It was about a year ago - around this time anyway.. and I drink pretty regularly now.. I'm hard as fook :|
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14, but i dont drink much anymore

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bout 17
but not fully ****** till i were 18
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12. And ever since
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i was always allowed to taste alcohol as a kid, for as long as i can remember (just a sip, or some froth off a beer, etc). i got drunk for the first time when i was 13 at my cousin's 14th birthday party. i stopped drinking when i was 19, though these days i sometimes have a beer with dinner, maybe once every couple of months or so. i am certainly no longer a "drinker" though.
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still havn't, gotten slightly tipsy but not actually drunk
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Never been properly drunk, but I think the closest I've ever been was at 15
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I rarely drink, and when I do, never enough to get well drunk.
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Never been drunk and I'm not planning to be so in the near future. It's not that I don't drink at all, I just don't like how alcohol-heavy drinks taste. And I figured drinking **** that tastes bad is just downright stupid. I imagine getting a little bit de-sobered might be a little fun with the right people, though.
11, I stole a few cans of John Smiths from my uncle.
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I just never really liked the whole act of "getting drunk". I usually have to drink so much alcohol to get drunk that I get sick. No thanks.
The only time I ever even had a drink was for my Bar Mitzvah, I drank wine, and that wasn't my choice. Didn't get drunk but it made life funnier. hehehehe
lol I was 8 and there was rubbing alcohol in a cup, I don't know why, and I thought it was water and drank it. I mustve puked about like 10 times.
Actually, I seem to remember being given some whiskies aged 10...

I've barely touched spirits full stop really.
16. I was pretty drunk for the entire three-hour long queue for my first concert, everything happened lightning fast and I can't remember anything before the headliners took the stage. Which was actually pretty sweet, saved me many hours of boredom :p

S t a i r s s r i a t S

drank recreationally at 16 but didnt get OMGOSH why cant i stop throwing up im never gonna do this again whos underwear are these drunk until 17
Never got properly drunk till I was 15.
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Never, because I can have fun without alcohol.

Please send me some beer.

Good for you.
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