Well my friend gave me an old bc rich guitar. it looks like a warlock and it is a thru neck guitar. it looks like it has a volume, tone, and another nob im not sure of. it looks like the guitar has its own pre amp built in. the preamp it has and on and off switch with 3 more switches that control the sound.when i connect a 9 volt the switch works and makes everything louder and weird. when i take it off it the switches still work but instead it seems like the on and off switch acts like a kill switch. the neck seems like mahogany and it has an odd fender head stock but it is inverted it has an old fancy r logo on the headstock. it has two humbucker pick ups and it plays very well the serial number is 88165 please i would appreciate the help

That's probably one of the earlier Warlocks, judging from the headstock.... sounds like it has active electronics too. :P
im not sure i thought it stood for rico the guy who made guitars for bc rich
does that guitar have bulletholes in it?
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its an early BC rich guitar as they used to put R on the headstock whereas Ran Guitars always wrote Ran and never anything else shorter than that.

honestly send the pics off to BC rich and they will identify it in a jiffy
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