About a year ago I bought my first microphone and interface for recording. Since then I’ve spent thousands of dollars buying equipment to record my guitar and drums, vocals and bass.

I’m finding myself with increasingly less time to spend recording, so I’ll put it up for sale and hope that someone else out there can make better use than I could.

All my gear can be seen here, as well as pictures of it:

Soda Popinski’s Gear Pics

Scroll down and look on the left.

I’d like to sell it as a set, but will consider selling it individually (part out) if enough interest is there.

Here’s what I have.

Note: All equipment kept in a humidifier and thermostat controlled room at 76%. No smoking and no abuse.

Behringer - Xenyx 2442 FX 16 channel mixer, complete with everything you would ever want/need in switch/mixer AND has built in DSP FX. Up to 99 settings for flanger, chorus, gate, vibrato, delay, reverb and more. BUILT IN. This works great because you can bust the 16 channels down into 4 sub groups. For example, you can have your entire drum kit mic’d up and bust the cymbals into group 2, the toms into group 3, the kick into group 4 and the snare into group 1, and put different effects into each! AND… you also have the option of inserts, aux outs and stereo feeds for each channel. PLUS. “control room” effects where you can adjust your monitors, and up to 8 stereo returns into that too. This thing is amazing. Comes with USB interface and software. You CAN jack this straight into your pc as well. Phantom Power. Mint condition. Dark Grey.

Mackie 802VLZ3 mixer – a great 8 channel mixer with everything you would need for a basic guitar setup. I upgraded to the Behringer because while this has 8 channels, it only had 3 “microphone” balanced XLR inputs. Still worked out great because I could hook my guitar, my 2 mics in and my PC return to it. Has inserts, aux outs, balanced XLR main outs and more. Mint working condition. Phantom Power. Black.

4 Proline microphone stands. 2 tall (used as overheads for my cymbals) and 2 short stage mic stands (1 used for the kick drum mic) (one used as a short vocal stand off my desk top) All black, all clips included.

Sterling Audio – ST66 Tube condenser microphone. Phenominal sound response from this guy. Silver body, silver screen and black spider / basket. Never dropped, never humid never used without pop filter. Comes with 25’ special power cable it needs, power cord, power block and carry case.

Stedman pop filter for microphone, black mesh screen, washable… basically used with the microphone and after washing it, is back to new again. You can wash it more if you want with warm water and mild detergent. Has rubber surround, attaches to microphone boom arm / stand… gooseneck lead and black filter.

Audix “fusion drum” microphone set. 7 piece set includes the following microphones:
3x f10 snare and tom mics
2x f15 condenser overheads (requires phantom power)
1x f12 floor tom (or kick) mic
1x f14 kick microphone

What else can I say, read reviews on these mics. The set comes in a metal silver carry case with foam insides for protection. Really small case, the mics aren’t big at all. All are black with black mesh. No drops, no dings, no scratches. NEVER HIT with sticks.

4x Audix Drum head clips for microphones. Attaches to the rim of each tom and snare with a gooseneck, adjustable slider so you can get the mic’s right next to the head. Can mount upside down if you want to mic your snare from underneath. Black.

1x DT 770 Pro 80 ohm head monitor. Taken care of! These may seem like very expensive headphones, but it’s anything but. These are best used with a mixer or interface that has a monitor out. Reference quality, has a cloth surround around the ears… these babies cost me just about $300 but were worth every penny. Cancels out everything else so you hear what you want to hear. Nice long 12’ cord, has 1/8 gold plated jack, or screw-on ¼” adapter. (also gold plated). Very comfortable to use, even when used in extended lengths. One day I used these for 8 hours straight while mixing down a song. Never fatigued or had to take them off. Not heavy at all. Black with grey velvet surrounds.

8 15’ balanced xlr cables
3 3’ monster pro-studio balanced patch cables (aux out, 2x mono returns for each chan)

Lexicon MX300 rack digital effects. Stereo Reverb, Effects processor, has reverse delay, delay, reverse reverb, reverb, gate, compressor, flange, chorus, vibrato, etc. Pitch shifting, you name it. Can be used with a foot switch (I don’t have it). 99 factory settings, 99 custom slots… all settings adjustable with intuitive interface. Blue LCD screen and a snap to get up and running. I used this as a loop with my behringer mixer for the reverb/gate/delay I wanted on my vocals and guitars. Dual processor. Cobalt Blue/Black face. Black knobs. Mint condntion, no scratches. Jacks are in the back (XLR’s balanced ¼’s etc.)

Lexicon Lambda 4 input USB interface. I used this between the balanced XLR outs from the behringer mixer main outs, and my PC’s USB 2 slot. Has front-facing “instrument” jack for just plug and go with a guitar or mic, or up to 4 inputs on the back (2 xlr mics or ¼ balanced jacks or 4 1/4 “ balanced jacks) – has inserts on the top 2 inputs… monitor mix and head monitor jack in the front so you can go “solo” into your head monitors (or floor monitors) when recording. IE: You can play the original song in your software and hear yourself 50/50, or just the song, or all you, or anything inbetween. Helpful if you want to hear audible cues from the song or your previous tracks when busting out solos, singing, etc. Silver front with blue sides, blue writing and black knobs. Mint condition.

Will consider a bulk price, will bring to a UPS store to make sure it gets packaged well. No crappy packaging that damages the gear. Will drive half way (to a certain point) for local pickup if you want. Can take custom pictures if need be.

I prefer a check, money order, cash or can take paypal, although they fleece you for 4% =(

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Correction: that should read "Humidifyer and temperature controlled at 76 degrees..." LOL @ 76% humidity. It's not raining in here. 76 degrees Farenheit.
I'm trying to dig up the receipts for the stuff. Everything I have was bought retail brand new. I'll get a total up asap.
I'm interested in the lambda, I think I PM'd you, can't remember though
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