This is a cover of the song Cannonball by Damien Rice I did as part of my final Music Technology project. It's quite a bluesy take on the original track, with female vocals.

Crit would be vastly appreciated, and returned as per.

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Great cover! That's a pretty cool song, and I can find nothing wrong with it but one thing. I'd just get your singer to give it more energy, not too much, but I kept sitting there hearing it in my head like my friend Veronica, she gives it her all.

Everything is great, the vocals are tight, guitar is tight, everything sounds good!

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haha this is brilliant. i'd make the singer do the original melody, but all your parts are excellent. nice job.
I feel like I'm at the beach, haha, sounds weird but it was very relaxing. The vocals were great, the guitar was loose to effect... meaning that it was tight and jazzy where it needed to be. Not much to critique here, I give you a nice 5 star thumbs up!

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