Hey i was wondering... i have a Gibson Les paul studio, and i was wondering if it could make my sound clearer/brighter if i removed the pickup covers, and just used the raw pickups ? .. or what would this change ?
It would make it a bit brighter. What amp are you using, and what's your settings? They can muddy up your tone like a bitch.
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I was told that removing or adding pickup covers can damage and destroy the pickup, so I wouldnt advise it. Just put new pickups in it
I've got a LP studio as well, and i thought about removing my covers as well. Turns out, they're soldered on or something, and it takes more of a "commitment" to take them off. I would just buy uncovered pups, Seymour Duncan Alnico pups are really good and bright, but their midrange and low doesn't suffer.
well yea my amp is crap atm... getting a new one, considering either a mesa boogie 5:50 , or a marshall jvm 50w combo ...

and yea.. was considering new pickups, but thought i'd try this first.. if it could do anything
Changing the pots to 1meg is probably the cheapest way of making a guitar brighter.
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A new amp will have far more impact on your tone than removing pickup covers.

Yeah, but a new amp usually isn't free.
removing pickup covers makes it more brighter and more articulation, cut through the mix. those pickups are probably fine but like its been said before, cant remove the covers easily. so switch to a brighter or hotter gibson pickup so it keeps the sound and value of the instrument where its at, all gibson. its probably your amp that needs an upgrade. also cheap cables can suck your brightness on longer cable runs.
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