My band are recording a CD this summer, and we're thinking to bust out the video cam and just keep a relaxed video diary of the process, writing, setting up, recording and all the other stuff involved. (we're at our own studio so we have the time to do this kind of thing )

Anyway, even if you don't know us, or perhaps aren't a huge fan of the music, would you be interested in watching a few episodes? I always love to watch them, just wondering if people would take a look...
Haha, it does interest me how other bands do their stuff and you get to know how the bandmembers are. Do it do it!
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Is it similar to "This is Spinal Tap"
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I you for posting this.

<-- Pretty much sums me up


^ I was there
I would, but probably just the recording process.
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I love rockumentaries. If they're done well, they're awesome.
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What kind of music do you play? Please, not generic-core..
Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.
To be honest we're thinking of not putting in the gay sex scene.. but we have a lot of fun recording, and have some rather interesting moments, especially from certain characters in the band :P: We wanna try keep it as non-pretentious as possible. I loved the inflames videos, it might be something similar to that

Music is pretty raw groovey kinda metal, just not core
Rockumentaries are worth watching if they aren't random captions of the band.

If it actually shows your progress, I'd watch.