You should check out Mike Birbiglia's "Two Drink Mike" And of course anything with Mitch Hedberg is always classic
fave comedy album?
gotta be flight of the conchords - self titled
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Also Dane Cook's first two albums, "Harmful If Swallowed" and "Retaliation" are fantastic. Nowadays he's so huge that people will laugh at ANYTHING he says which is irritating to say the least
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As the title speaks, what be it? Stand-up or not.

For me, David Cross's Shut up You ****ing Baby gets the win

That album is definately tied for first. I love the 24 minute rant at the end about religion; most notably, how its /obvious/ that life first started with a talking snake in a tree.

Tied for first however, is George Carlin's "You Are All Diseased". Brilliant stuff.
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Yes. When the shield generator on Endor has been deactivated, Rogue Squadron is easily able to enter the Death Star II without repurcussions.

...And that's how menstruation works.
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You should check out Mike Birbiglia's "Two Drink Mike"

Will do.

Also Lewis Black's Rules of Enragement is hilarious
Does the Tenacious D album count? It's not hilariously funny but it sure is catchy.