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...and why? I'm mulling over writing an article on great guitars and why guitarists choose them, and I'd just like to hear why people are drawn to a certain axe. Also, if you've seen similar articles or books, it'd be a great help to be directed to them.



P.S.: For the record, I play a 1988 Fender Squire Stratocaster, Japanese model, no pickguard, Fiesta Red. It's a weird beast, but I love it.
Squire starters pack guitar. Because I have no other choice.
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I play an Ibanez GSA60. A friend recommended it to me as a first electric. Also, I missed the christmas/new years sale, and couldn't get a higher end guitar at the time. I've had it for 6 years. It feels nice and it's orange. I've been looking for another guitar since, but can't find one that suits me better.
2005 RG321MH

got it used for $80 and i've had it for half a year.

plays great. mahogany makes it versatile for harder schools of rock as well as blues.
Ibanez RG370DXGP2 'cause it's great for both rhythm and lead, and has pretty stripes on it =]
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epiphone les paul .... cos it plays amazingly for the price!
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Fender 300CE T-Bucket
Dean DOF ML [For Sale]
Marshall AVT 2000 valvestate
Ibanez modified turbo tube screamer
Digitech RP250
Epiphone LP Standard. I took it in my hands (after trying apr. 15 others), and just knew, that that's it. And that's how you find a good guitar.
A Laguna Le 122 because it looked cool but I prefer Schecter and ESP's over a Laguna any day.
A 2004 ESP LTD H-1000 Deluxe. An employee at a pawn shop handed it to me and it felt really good. It also looks very nice.
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squire stratocaster because ive only been playing for a year, also when your left handed you are only able to play about 5% of the guitars in any given music store... if your lucky
Jackson DKMGT Dinky. I previously owned an Ibanez RG370DX and got fed up with the floating tremelo, and I wanted a guitar with top of the line pickups, RG like body and a sting through bridge, tah dah, the Dinky was perfect. Plays great and the EMG 81 and 85 rape.
Washburn X50 Pro FE 'cause it's so versatile and i love the tones from the EMGs
A Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature Strat

Cause its the most amazing versitle guitar. Ever.


Peavey Impact I straight out of the 80s. Versatile guitar, and got it used at GC
Warmoth Strat w/ Lace Holy Grails
'07 Roadhouse Strat
Washburn WD-21 all Koa Acoustic
Marshall JCM-2000 TSL-122
Bugera V-5
My LTD M-200 FM is boss it looks great, sounds better and I got the deal of a lifetime on it..
I also love my Damien 6... it was my first real guitar and is still one of my favorites
and my V-1 Hellraiser is the nicest looking axed I've ever seen
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Some Sears brand 'Nova' guitar that was dirt cheap. Wouldn't want any other guitar in the world.
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A guitar that could easily compeat in the contest 'worst guitar in the world' that came in a starter pack... Everything from the starterpack has been upgraded, except for the guitar...
Fender Jazzmaster
Boss DS-2
Digitech RP150 (with Line6 EX-1 Exp pedal)
Orange Crush 30R

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I play a black Epiphone Les Paul without a pickguard. It's a respected enough model for almost any genre, and being black it tends to suit better when played for rock & metal
Gibson Les Paul Studio in Wine red.

It's so sexy just need a good amp to get all that awesomeness out

I think I've found my perfect guitar though
I play my custom Carvin 7 string because is the best guitar I have ever played. It has everything I want. Floyd rose, neck thru, dual humbuckers with coil taps, 24 frets, and it has a green flame thats sexy.
Peavey JSX
Traynor YCV
Fender '68 Bassman
Jetter Gain Stage Red OD
MI Audio Crunch Box
Fulltone Choralflange
Fender Strat
Carvin 7 String
Epiphone G-400 SG. "Cause I've always loved SG's and their upper fret access.
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Yamaha F-310
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squire stratocaster because ive only been playing for a year, also when your left handed you are only able to play about 5% of the guitars in any given music store... if your lucky

or you could have learned to play right-handed at the time of purchase, fyi most right handed guitar playing uses mostly the left hand.

on another note, i play a mexican strat with a maple neck i got from a friend for trading my squiter jazzzmaster, which i got for free
Parker-44 because I love the style personally and it's so versatile! If I had the money I'd be playing a Fly Deluxe!
I play 2 guitars most often: An ESP Dan Jacobs Sig Explorer model, because not only is it lightning fast and epic sounding, but it has a bunch of awesome features to create unique tones (Afterburner, EMG 81/85, Floyd Rose + Whammy). The other one is a Washburn WI-66 Pro E Custom Shop. It's BEAUTIFUL, has EMG's in an Idol body (which I also have another WI-66 idol honeyburst, so I was used to playing them), and is really just so easy to play that it's hard not to.
Washburn WI66 Pro E Celtic Cross (1 of 48!)
Washburn WI66 Pro Honeyburst
Takamine EG334SC Acoustic-Electric
Peavey XXX 120W All Tube Half Stack
Line6 MM4/FM4/DL4
Boss NS2
Vox Snakecharmer Compressor
Digitech XP100 Whammy Wah
michael kelly valor custom. it looks almost like a PRS, it's just as sexy as a prs, it has an ebony fretboard, set-through neck (some patented M.K. thing they do with the necks) two rockfield pickups with coil taps so i can hit everything from blues to funk to jazz to reggae, and so on into heavier stuff.
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AXL Fire, i love my baby shes my heart and soul my Floyd Rose is awesome and i can never tire of it, ever. She sounds great with two humbuckers and another single coil in the middle, she looks awkward but she screams like crazy, ummm wow that was a little awkward description. Oh and she can over power any starter amp out there you need a bigger amp to tame her.
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I play a Caparison Dellinger most of the time .. i play it because i like it durr.. but first found out about them when i saw peter wichers from soilwork playing 1 ..

The others are dusty.
Caparison Angelus HGS, EMG 85/85 18V | Krank Rev1, JJ's | Mesa Recto Cab | Maxon OD808
Ibanez Jet King II, it was love at first sight; and I really like how the guitar looks.
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Yeah, I am left handed but play "right handed" but most the action takes place on my left hand... hah right handed people yall fail agian.

Ibanez RG's and C-1's because I like superstrats.... they dont really look to genre specific
Eastwood Airline 2 Pickup DLX because it has a very raw vintage sound and feedback that is very controllable with the right amp. Great for playing anything from blues and jazz to more shoegazing and indie rock sounds. I also play a fender Mex Strat.
I play two guitars, the only two guitars I will ever need:

A 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom
A Fender American Standard Strat

Why? Because my favorite genre is The Blues. All I need is a good guitar or two, a good valve amp, and a good overdrive pedal, and I'm set.
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Guitar: Squier Tele. Bought it because I liked how Teles looked and felt and because I'm poor but really wanted a guitar of my own. I like it now because, although it's cheap, it sounds pretty good and is pretty versatile.

Electric Bass: Ibanez BTB200. Pretty much same reasoning as my Tele.

Acoustic Bass: Michael Kelly Dragonfly 4 string Fretless. Bought it because I was out to get something really quality, not just a starter bass. I wanted an acoustic and a fretless and decided I can get both with a fretless acoustic. Plus I've always been partial to the sound of a fretless acoustic, and I've heard Michael Kelly makes nice acoustic basses. Oh, and the bass is also ****ing beautiful. The pearl/abalone dragonfly/vine inlays are a work of art themselves. I also loved the transparent black finish on the quilted maple. Absolutely stunning. *Sorry for rattling off. I don't often enough give this bass the love it deserves.

P.S. I bought my electric bass first, then about a year and a half later I bought my Tele, and probably 9 or so months after I bought my Tele, I got my acoustic.
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I play a PRS Singlecut Trem. I think its a very versatile guitar that can go anywhere from clear bell like tones to heavy as hell in the turn of a knob. The tremolo is the smoothest I ever played personally and its comfy to the hand for palm muting. I rarely have to tune mine and this guitar retains a lot of string tension when I drop tune to B unlike a lot of guitars I've owned/played in the past. With all that said the most important part is how comfortable this guitar is for me. The neck profile fits my hand very nicely, the scale length plays nice and helps string tension alot and I don't feel like I am straining myself to play.
PRS Singlecut Trem

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