basically i have a peavy vypyr 30 right now (solid state), but i have kind of out grown it and was wondering which amp to buy to replace it. i would really like an orange tiny terror or the new upcoming dual terror, but being a 16 year old i do not have the money. i got $200 right now and i know i can sell my vypyr for $150. i was wondering what quality tube amps i could get for around $350. i also have to play in a band so i do have to be loud. i was thinking of getting a 30 watt vox valvetronix. does this amp sound close to a real tube amp? is it loud enough to keep up with a drummer?
Well, now this doesn't apply to me since I finally found a job, but I used to be kind of like you. I would do chores for my parents and they would pay me, and I would save that money up. Also, if you buy lunch at school, you can just skip lunch and save up that money too. This way, you can get a nice tube amp. However, you CAN get a decent tube amp for that price, especially if you live in the US. Check out the B-52 AT112. It's a 60W tube amp, loud enough for most gigs, and it can do many styles of music pretty well. It's not amazing, but it's a good amp with decent tone, and it's affordable.

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