So yeah.. me and a friend tried writing a song based on the drums... we spent quite a lot of time on the drums and found it was actually pretty hard to write stuff that fits nicely when working from the drums. Here's what we have so far. This is in no way intended to sound like metalcore. I hate metalcore.
sounds like metalcore
i wrote that as a joke to begin with but now im listening to it it kinda does sound like metalcore... but i love metalcore so yknow, im happy.
there are obvious prog parts though like the bridge
the clean bit sounds kinda awkward but i can see where youre going with it.
atm its looking promising, id like to hear it finished
As I listen:

The intro is ok, I guess. Don't know what could be improved though.

I really like the next part, with the drum changes and harmonies.

The section 3 however, I think could be without harmonies. I think they sound a bit.. I don't know. q:

The half-time is ok, no more, no less.

I can't say I like the chords in 3 t 4, but I really like the triplets in the end of the bar.

Here's mine, if you want to: