So i decided to modify my ibanez 4 string into a fretless a while back. Now that its all fixed up and ready to go, im wondering....Can i spray paint my fretboard black and then use the lacker over it? Will it cause any problems with playability or will the lacker make the spray paint wipe off or anything bad to the fretboard because of the spray paint?

Im making it all black, including neck, headstock, body, strings, everything...JUST BECAUSE XD

Im just wondering about the fretboard, cause if its gonna mess it up its really not worth messing up.

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The paint will come off from friction with the strings. It's also worth noting that no manufacturer paints the fretboard. I don't have any scientific backup for this, but it doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

EDIT: Actually, some guitars have painted maple fretboards, but that only works on maple because it has a tight grain. It would not work on rosewood. Besides, don't expect it to last very long. I wouldn't paint it.
Probably not a good idea. Black fret boards are normally either made of ebony or a specially treated rosewood I think.
leave it.

paint everything else black though. that sounds sick

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