I've been playing about 3 and a half years now, but I feel like i'm not as good as I should be for my experience level. I practice probably 45mins a day, but I get de-motivated because I can't play xsong/xriff properly. Can you guys give me any advice, maybe some songs to learn?
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join a band if you havent already...itll push you a mile in a very short time...otherwise learn to have more fun and don't critique as much
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join a band if you havent already...itll push you a mile in a very short time...otherwise learn to have more fun and don't critique as much

That up there in bold.
The best thing you can do to get motivated and improve.
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IN all seriousness though, Nemjeff nailed it on the first post. Join a band.

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Join a band or find a jamming partner.

i'd almost suggest just finding somebody to jam with over a band. at least at first. if you can find somebody who plays guitar (or bass) and likes the same stuff it's great. there are some amazingly stupid people who want to start bands. my first two bands didn't want to do anything but **** around and go to 7-11 rather than actually practice. it was really frustrating and annoying. i dragged my amp to some "practices" i wish i had skipped all together. especially since my first band was in a different state

but finding one person to jam with can lead into a band, so thats my vote.
If you can't play that song correctly, practice it slowly with a metronome!! If you want to make it with guitar, it will help you if you make long term goals, this will help motivation, and you'll be practicing more efficient. I suggest learning techniques like proper vibrato, two hand tapping, pinch harmonics etc. slowly with a metronome, and increasing speed.

Joining a band can do some good things for your playing, it will help your time, and if you're playing with a second guitarist(if he's good), he can improve your playing tons.
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i'm stuck in the same situation, but everybody i meet that plays guitar, a jam session with them turns into a guitar lesson with me as the teacher...
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Jam, join a band, start writing your own music. Learn riffs you like, but don't concern yourself so much on whole songs (It sounds counter productive, but IMO it gives you more room to develop your own songwriting style).
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Join a band. Failing that, learn to improvise and make your own stuff.
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