I figured I could use this forum to promote my label since I'm currently not in a band anymore. I've never seen anyone do this since I've been here so mods let me know.

Anyway you can check out my label at www.myspace.com/openwaterrecords

It's just a vinyl and cassette label at the moment and only have two releases out. The first is a comp tape of 20 awesome bands from TN. You can find links to all of them on my labels myspace and each cassette comes with a download code for all the mp3s and the cassettes are professionally duplicated.

The first big release I have is the vinyl version of a cd I grew up listening to by a band called The Dingees, you can check out 4 songs from the LP on the music player on my myspace. If you interested in checking any of this out, just look around the myspace or go to www.openwaterrecords.bigcartel.com and check out the webstore and it will have way more details about what I've put out and all that.

I also have a twitter if that's your thing, www.twitter.com/openwaterrecord

Thanks for checking it out.
The first official release will be The Dingees-The Crucial Conspiracy LP. It's looking like it will be 150 on transparent red and 350 on black. managed service providers utility payments This is such an underrated album and band. Check it out if you don't know them already. Be on the lookout...
^I don't know what that is.

Bump, I have some copies of Further Seems Forever-"How To Start A Fire" LP up in my store. I traded another label owner for 5 copies of each and they are only $10.
If anyone from UG places an order just tell me on here or on my profile and I'll throw in the comp tape for free. Thanks.