Hi, I recently got Guitar Pro 5, buy when I play back using the RSE, i hear the instruments, and a very fast repeating clicking noise, like the sound is cutting out, but coming back very rapidly. Can anyone who has experienced this give me some help, I think it's probably either my bad speakers or the settings, but I can't figure out which.

Edit: When I mute all the other instruments, the guitar plays fine, so It must be the strain on my sound card or something, how can I edit the settings to be a little gentler on my sound card. Worst comes to worst, I can mute all but the guitar.
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Sorry for not being clear, it's not the metronome, it's the sound cutting out, but I don't know why.
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Do you really need the RSE? Personaly, it sounds bad, and it may help the problem
Yes, that was it, my comp is ****ty, so the sound clipped, I can mute all but the guitar+1 instrument and it works fine, so I can make do.
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Yeah just turn off RSE. Just hit F2 to turn it off and on.

or click the giant RSE button