I have a mesa boogie nomad 100 head amp. its in perfect condition.
its basically like the dual rectifier. it has 3 channels, each channel has a vintage or modern mode. all channels have there own EQ and seperate reverb. i have a footswitch for it. its a 100 watt tube head, but it also has a 100/60 switch for a 60 watt half power opition. It also has a seperate on board footswitchable EQ. Im just trying to find out how much it is worth.

I also have a mesa boogie 4x12 cabinet with four vintage 30's speakers. the cab has a couple scrapes just all cosmetic though. the speakers and everthing about it work perfectly. how much do you think that would be worth also?
$800 for the head, 500 for the cab
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