Sounds great man. The intro is totally chilltastic. The growing synth bit is kind of creepy. Nice dark atmosphere. I like the harmonies. It gets really melodic in spots which is rad. It would really be cool to see that spoken word bit come down in the mix a wee bit. But thats minor.

The kick in is pretty nasty. No doubt. Nice writing, the harmonies are spot on.
The down tuned guitar bit is absolutely crushing. Wow. Those open string hits are awesome, very Dream theater or Meshuggah. And now that I think about it..most of this reminds me of dream theater.

Awesome riffige all the way through. Excellent job. Keep it up.

Mine if you get a chance: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=20581561#post20581561

Thanks man, I use a 7 string btw, hence why it goes downtuned in places I was sort of going for the Dream Theater vibe, but this isn't like my other stuff, I'm usually straight-up groove metal, but fancied doing something with a bit more of a steady feel to it, if that makes any sense!
Hey man I really like this. Loved the intro. Flawless transition into the riffs. Real nice stuff. Tight! Loved the harmonies. This is a great track.
Listenin to it now...Has a nice Stone Sour/Metallica Vibe. I <3 Harmonization..OHHHHH I know that movie whats it call uh...Can't remember but I totally watched it last night. Great tone btw, both clean and dirty. wow man, i'm 3 minutes in...and wow. Your pinches are fantastic, Love that groove you got goin on *cranked up the speakers* Solo time...I can hear what you're tryin to say bud, F yeah. Have to say, best stuff i've heard out of UG in awhile..had a whole story goin on, and uh...I'ma listen to it again..great stuff, I think I'm gona have to check out some of your other stuff If I can... Gotta say it one more time, GREAT stuff.
This is very good stuff. The quality is great and the song itself is badass. If there was an MP3 download, I'd put it on my Zen.
Thanks for the feedback guys!

Matthias - I will have a 3 track EP for free download soon of my older stuff, but THIS song will be on my next one which will be full album length! I'll keep you posted on its completion!