Hey everyone, I have a Line 6 spider 111 15 watt amp and I was wondering what a good set of guitar headphones would be for $70 maximum budget. Thanks!
Up your budget a bit more and the Sennheiser HD280s are a great bet. They'll probably outlast your amp, too.
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(Stereotypical UG Response) - Why not just sell the amp and use the money plus the $70 to get a better amp?
I live in a apartment and it bothers people when I have my amp going, and I'd like to practice where only I can hear it . Plus my amp is in perfect shape and it works.
settle down. if he likes it let him keep it. and +1 to the bose suggestion.
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AUDIO TECHNICA ATH M50>sony v6>hd 555> 280 pro...all within the 70-100 dollar price range.