Im 16 and have been playing for about 2 years. And have just started to write my own music. I want to play in a serious band and will travel short distances. I live in about 20-30 min. from lansing michigan. I have gigable gear.
and the point of this post is.....
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and the point of this post is.....

*clears throat and motions towards thread title*
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C'mon, man. We're just kidding. We all know that drummers are important.

After all, without drummers, who would bag my groceries?

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and the point of this post is.....

I think he is looking to join or start a band within 20-30 mins of his home? Seemed fairly obvious i thought lol.
hey take it easy he clearly has a mental disability...he's a browns fan
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why dont you say the style you play

I will play just about anything but mainly i like faster stuff like punk or metal but don't like death metal
i live in allen park right by detroit, im a guitarist trying to start a pop/punk band like green day and sum 41, wanna jam?