I wrote this song about a month or two ago and then played it on a local tv station. pretty much my first complete original song (although it needs drums/bass/vocals which i can't record). it's temporary name is Anonymous (if you can think of a better name to call it, let me know ) and it is in my profile. if you want me to crit your music, please link me to it.

recorded on guitar rig 3 using various preset tones and edited on audacity. i also have a few other songs on my profile if you want to listen to those.

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Pretty good. I liked the rhythm playing, just after the first part it becomes kind of hard to hear, perhaps turn it up just a little. The lead was alright also, try to work on leaving spots inbetween licks, it will help make the song a little longer and help add more of a "call and response" type of feel to it, which is crutial in blues type music. Also trying adding bits of odd scales/modes into your solo, I like mixolydian, it goes great with blues and rock playing. Also, nice cover of the Babe I'm Gonna Leave You solo, that is one of my favorite Zepplin songs to play.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1151709

EDIT: Thanks for the crit, I got those tracks off the internets, but after listening to yours I decided that I am going to make one like yours, just lead and rhythem. I agree that we do seem to like the same type of music.
I think the reason the Kitten one sounds wierd at times is I was experimenting with modes and stuff (like what I mentioned above) something I have not done too often. I don't know those as intimately as I know the blues/pentatonic so my note choices are a little off at times.
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