I have been playing for around 6 months. I started playing the electric and then switched to a acoustic for about 3 months. Well I picked up the electric and it seemed out of tune. I tuned it and as I was playing it sound out of tune on some notes. So I checked tuning again. It seemed fine, but as I am playing some notes sound off. So my thought is the strings are old and maybe they need to be replaced. Is this a sign that strings are going bad.
You're strings are probably bad and you're guitar's intonation is likely off as well.

How old are the strings.?
it could be the strings or it could be that your intonation is shot get the guitar set up or if you know what your doing do it yourself its actually not that hard
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its the length of the string from nut to bridge, you can adjust it at the bridge. You need it to be dead on or notes towards the body on the fretboard will be out of tune( or atleast those will be more noticable) and harmonic nodes will be a little different which I'm pretty sure will make you pickups act differently since they're typically placed where harmonics are strong( where the 24th 36th and 48th fret would be)I'm not exactly an expert but thats kinda how it works
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fret the guitar at the 12th fret. if it doesnt match the open, in tune string, then your intonation needs to be reset like said.

old strings are hard to keep in tune, like said.

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