Have you ever watched your uploaded movies a few months after you uploaded them and then realized, "Wow, that was really stupid. Why did I even post that?" That just happened to me...I was watching some of my guitar covers and was like, WTF? These are really bad...Anyone else out there have these problems?
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lolworthy- classicrockboy WIN of thread.
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yea, but i have 213 subs, 6000 channel views, and have alot of views on my vids. and to top it all off i play crappy pop punk. lol
I have a video with 353,410 views, I have 103 subscribers, and 1,955 channel views. So no. Not at all.
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Wait 5 hours
Be accused by the promoter of being late
Get told we have only a 10 minute set
Play pure noise for 10 minutes

Worst and most amusing gig of my life.

Anyone else had this kind of **** happen?!

Dimebag had a worse gig.
No, but my dad does record me every chance he gets and puts them on youtube against my will. I am smart enough to realize from the beginning that they suck.
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One of them... just because the quality is ridiculously bad and my band isn't that good. But I like my solo covers stuff. Although my average view count is something around 13....
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although i do do that sometimes
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.. y'know I've just realized why I even put videos up in the first place if I already know how "stupid" we'll look.

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yea, but i have 213 subs, 6000 channel views, and have alot of views on my vids. and to top it all off i play crappy pop punk. lol

It's because you're a girl.

To answer TS's question, I haven't regretted anything yet, but that's because I've only had a Youtube account for a few days.