hey guys heres my song i wrote and recorded a couple of weeks ago. the quality is pretty good but not up to par with the equipment i have because i was really excited to record and i got my guitar rig software after i recorded, so everything is a little messy, but just be aware future recordings will sound better. so a crit on music would be nice but also on audio, if its distorted in some parts ( i know the synth and organ solo are way too low ill have to fix it) The overall volume is fine its just UG made it a lot quieter for some reason. and of course crit for crit (ill crit 2 or 3 of your songs because this is a 10 min song lol)

songs in my profile. in the future i need to find a way to get higher quality.
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Alright 10 mins. here we go lol. Cool intro, nice and bizarre. I like the groove. The lead that comes in is a litte flat though. make sure EVERYTHING is in exact tune when you record, as a slight flat/sharp can throw the whole thing off sound wise.

The synth is cool. One thing I've noticed in the first minute is that the drums havent changed at all that I can tell. So maybe vary those a little.

alright..heavy part. Cool riff, reminds me of dream theater. Cool drum fill. The timing is a little off on the next part. With the bass solo, its a little wonky. But the guitar sounds nice and heavy.
-Next riff reminds me of between the buried and me. nice weird time signature.

next part around 320 reminds me a dream theater when its brought back in. Sounds good.
(One quick thing about sound. The drums are a little thin, see about getting some ballsier samples for the loops)
This would be really cool with some geddy lee type vocals :P

Next heavy part is quite heavy haha. Its good.
The next part with the alternating bit..and it all comes back in. Thats quite cool. Nice job with that riff.

-alright new direction with the bass line and elevator music synth. Yay back to the down tuned goodness. Praise jeebus.
-Some timing issues here and there btw. Just make sure everythings tight (get your metronome loud :P, it helps me)
- i dig the double bass bit.
one quick thing again haha. One way you can boost your sound quality a lot i've found..is get your guitar tone as crisp and heavy as you can, get it sounding good coming in. and then dead pan two tracks. one to the right and one to the left. and play the guitar parts twice (once for each track). now this means that you have to be DEAD ON with the playing and play it exactly like you did pretty much unless you want to harmonize or do alternate chords on one side. but when you do that..it gives you a rich, full sound.
-I'm nearing the end here. Nice chill bit leading up the end. I like it.

Over all good job man. just work on keeping everything tight (and in tune). This is a good direction.

~nick (and dont worry about my other song hah)
as im writing my reply im listening to your track it sounds pretty good so far il like the part you have at 1:30. Thanks for the very detailed crit. With panning the guitars its funny you said that because on my next song i just finished writing in GP5 and another one in progress i have 2 guitars one right and one left and it allows me to have a huge full sound and create some cool effects. Also curious about the bass solo being wonky, i thought i played a decent bass solo lol. And my guitars b string was out because i jsut bought it from my friend because i was lacking a 7 string guitar and wanted to start learning guitar a bit more. It has one of the tuners near the bridge and the b wouldnt go any higher and i was too anxious to record the i was too lazy to find out how to tune it. As for the drum track i originally played it on real drums and it was a lot more lively however it sounded bad so i went back to my crappy programmed drums and used either DFH or SD2.0 ( im a bit better at programming drums now and im also building a diy e-drum kit so ill have nice sounding drums with human playability, of course i may still have to do some programming for the really fast double bass as my feet arent that strong yet, so many instruments too learn) I listened to your song and the quality is really nice and tight. the first minute in a half was a bit too generic for me but the rest of the song i really like the chord progressions you have and your vocals are really good too ( im also prob gonna add some vocals to this when i get pro tools m-powered and re-record everything) I really enjoyed your crit and if you have guitar pro 5 id like you to check out my 2 new songs. THanks again for the great crit and ill def fix everything on the new version i just wanted to record everything quickly.
i liked the horn around the 105 i think it was mark. reminded me of a dave matthews song. i listend to the first 3 min. and i liked it. nice sounds. good weed smoking music. nicley done. i dont have time for the 10 min right now. i may listen to more laiter. thats a long song though, maybe trim it down. only include the best peaces of it. nice work man.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1157214
So i'm listening to it now...dude..You're every where Simple = good But! it is Prog metal so...Eh? Some parts sound like you're just running through some finger exercises. Although, I do like you're clean tone, sounds great. I'm at 5 minutes in, got a little heavyer..I liked a couple of the grooves you got goin on around there, caught myself nodden to it. at 8 minutes in, and..we're moving UBER SLOW haha, again, nice tone. For those slow parts, i'd suggest crankin up the distortion add a little delay and just let some prettyful notes sing out. I'd turn the bass down a little or go some where else with it, has that same bass riff i've heard through-out the entire song. But uh, I say simplify some parts, complicate others...and those 1 or 2 second pauses gotta go bro, kinda make me thing you just made like 3 or 4 different songs and poped em together..get some kinda theme/story goin on..
Sorry for the Wall of text... I'm typing up this crit as I listen to the track:

First thing I notice, a nice solid beat comes in accompanied by some cool bass riffs. The solo at 0:30 sounded very inexact, I'm not sure if that's an effect you were looking for. The synth that comes in around 1:00 reminded me a bit of Dream Theater. After 2:30 the guitar and the bass play a very repetitive riff for 40 seconds. The drumtrack works but it might be nice to vary it up a little more. I really enjoyed the transition around 4:40. The Breakdownish part at 5:12 + was really sweet. The drum fill around 5:50 sounds a bit off. Very cool interplay between the bass, guitar, and synth. 6:30 brings back in a solid, heavy rhythm. The transition from the shuffle like rhythm to the galloping rhythm was very cool. The synth in the background was very atmospheric-sounding, I really enjoyed that part. I wasn't really feeling the transition at 8:11, and the fluctuation between pitches sounded a bit too dissonant for my ears. The last minute and a half basically reintroduced the same theme from the first couple minutes of the track.

This track was really cool, but there a couple of things you might want to address:
It's a little long (I know, I know it's a prog song), some parts don't REALLY seem that central to the song, and of course people would probably be willing to listen to a shorter piece, the drums while performing their function need just a little bit more variety, and finally some of the solos in the first few minutes of the track sound a bit _off_ and I'm still not sure if that was your intention.

That being said, I really enjoyed this track. There were some moments that I liked more than others, particularly the shuffle -> gallop rhythm transition followed by the synth soothing an atmospheric theme for the listener. It seems like you're able to mix your playing with more tangential themes followed by solid rhythms, kudos. I hope to hear more from you.

And lastly, for my song instrospective I created a .mid file and I had alternating snare hits, apparently EZ Drummer just recognized that as playing the rim. Anyway, thanks for checking out my track, peace (hope this wasnt too long =p)
yea the solos are a bit off because my guitar wasnt really in tune *see my previous post for full explanation* thanks for in depth crit. This is pretty much the first song ive written that ive liked all the parts as with my other songs i have some cool parts but then i have some parts that drag it down so i think if i clean this up a bit i could have a pretty decent song. yea the drums i originally recorded myself on acoustic but the sound was bleh so i used my crappy programmed drums , as i though i would play it acoustically thats why its really bland and the drum fills i played sloppily through my keyboard. Im going to re-record this and fix up some of the transitions as the second pauses i kinda had there by accident. Future tracks will def have much more active drum tracks as ive gotten better at programming and im building an e-drum kit. thanks again for listening its been nice hearing that this track has some potential.

I hear some great ideas, but the overall of this composition sounds a little fragmented in my ears. If you could mix the soft and heavy parts more in one style it could be get more impact then it has allready.