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if i had to choose one for you, i'd choose the firebird. it's got the best fret access of all of them, seems the most well put together, looks great, and it's probably going to have a ****load of sustain

i would choose the schecter second, because of it's potential versatility
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if you like dean, then try a DBZ guitar (stands for Dean B. Zelinsky; NOT dragonball z. please no one post a pointless comment about dragonballz). they have some nice guitars. they are a little more than what you have listed, but they look to be high quality. they come out some time this month or next month. give it a look.


sold here: http://www.carlinoguitars.com/index.html

good luck.
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Epiphone Firebird, but I say that because I'm a Grohl fanboy
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