Left Handed Schecter Blackjack Atx 7 String W/ Active Blackouts For Sale!

I am selling a left handed Schecter C-7 Blackjack ATX guitar with Seymour Duncan active Blackout pickups. This guitar was very hard to find and took me about half of a year to receive off of backorder. I am so fed up with being a left handed guitar player and not having any gear accessible for me without having to look far and wide to find something I like. I am a Metal guitarist so I am always looking for good Jackson, ESP and Ibanez products but most of them I am not too fond of. I am selling this because I have decided to learn how to play guitar right handed and start all over learning chords, scales and theory. This will be a time consuming process but I feel it's worth it for me. I got this guitar last month and I've played it live once and a few other times. It's been professionally set up and I've kept it in the case since I got it. I've replaced the battery and has brand new strings on it. This is a great looking and great sounding guitar. The active Blackouts are the highest output pickup that I know of today and they are VICIOUS. I am an EMG man but these pickups were fine for me. They sound amazing on clean too. The finish on this guitar is very sharp and sleek and I am totally bummed about having to sell it but I just have to in order to get some money back in compensation to just buying it and not totally losing on on the ordeal!

This includes a 1 year warranty from Schecter.

$600 or best offer
+ shipping
I purchased it for $800 offline.

If anyone is interested please get in touch with me and we will discuss further details!

Here is a picture of the guitar by the way...
<img src="http://www.adirondackguitar.com/lefty/schecter/2008/bj_atx_c7.jpg">
maybe you should consruct a guitar
it be a little time consuming but probably less time then learning everythign again
or buy abuild a guitar kit for a righty and modify it so that its for lefty since you can cut the planks