I'm not new to playing guitar, but I'm new to learning anything about ultimate guitar and the type of stuff Paul Gilbert does. I grew up on classic rock guitar, before EVH was old enough to play. Now I want to learn a few new tricks to augment my demented chords and enhance my rock and blues licks.

I've reviewed quite a few vids on Malmsteen, Satriani, Petrucelli, Vai, Gilbert, and maybe a few others I cant remember right now. Overall, I seem to keep gravitating back to the Paul Gilbert tunes. He seems to have the most fun playing, and his stuff seems to catch my ear most and make me smile a lot. He really likes to emphasize "what is musical" instead of just showing off a bunch of ultra fast stuff that sounds like everybody else, and I like that.

So I started looking at his instructional DVD's out there and wondered if anyone has opinions on which ones are most informative and most educational. I've kinda narrowed it down to Intense Rock I & II, and Get Out of my Yard. Not sure about the Silence DVD yet, I suspect the first two might have more fundamentals?

And he has some clips on youtube that I cant tell where they came from, but would love to have the DVD they are on. The best example is this one:


I love the funky rhythm tips he has at the end of this clip, but is that clip from a DVD of his?

Anybody ever bought any of PG's instructional stuff?
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Paul Gilbert is a god. however... what kind of instruction are you looking for?
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Paul Gilbert is a god. however... what kind of instruction are you looking for?

The kind that is in those Paul Gilbert sample clips I found on youtube. He explains it well, he plays it slow and fast, dirty or clean, he throws in a bit of theory behind what he's doing (which is fine with me, I understand all the theory stuff he says in those clips) and his licks are catchy and musical.

I'm good at playing the standard rock stuff "in the box" but I would like to learn a bit about the type of arpeggio things he does, the string skipping, and his rhythm playing. Not necessarily wanting to become a real "shredder" or sweep picker, but would like to use some of his tips to make my own rock and blues and lite jazz riffs more interesting and more catchy.

Hard to describe in words, but I can tell that Gilbert's "lessons" are done in a way that I can benefit from.
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Is Paul Gilbert good?
That's like asking if the Pope is holy

There are people on earth who know nothing about the Pope. And there are guitar players who want to get better who know nothing about Paul Gilbert.

Besides, the question was more in reference to his instructional DVD's....... are they good ones? Or are there better ones out there? I dont read tab, but I know what I'm playing on the guitar because I am formally trained on piano. Of all the examples I've seen on youtube, Gilbert's were the ones that made me WANT to learn something new. The others all sounded the same to me.

The only other instructional DVD I've bought so far was called "Blues With Brains" by Chuck D'Aloia, and it is very good....... for what I'm doing.
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He will teach you to pull a rabbit out of the guitar.

In serious, I think it'd be useful if he's a strong influence on your guitar playing. In my own experience, I've enjoyed this sort of instructional lesson from Greg Howe and John Petrucci alot. Check those guys out too.
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Yeah, yeah....... I confess I got suckered in by that rabbit-outa-the-guitar clip earlier today. Cute!

Are you familiar with the content of his instructional DVD's?

I'm wondering if they are all three really similar? Or if each one emphasizes certain types of things more than the other two? Particularly wondering if one of them might emphasize more "classic rock " types of riffs?

Maybe it doesn't matter which one, maybe any of the three will be useful in several ways? I guess at the moment I'm leaning toward the Intense Rock and Get Outa My Yard discs......

Anybody have any idea where that rhythm lesson clip on youtube came from? Is that from one of his DVD's?
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I think the video you liked is from Total Guitar.

The Intense Rock lessons are from when he was younger so they're probably a bit speedier.
The GOOMY disc focuses on the songs from that album, as does SFBADR.

Personally I find GOOMY to be kind of a classic rock-y album, moreso than SFBADR anyway.
That Youtube clip on rhythm was taken from a lesson he did for guitar-techniques.com.