Ok well if i can not get the eclipse standard II (emg's, ebony fretboard) i was thinking of the perfect bich 10, mainly using 6 strings instead of the 10 though (rockfields (?) and ebony fretboard) or the mockingbird but i am starting to not consider this at all (same thing as the bich 10 but no option for 10 strings or look as badass) so i was wondering if anyone tried the perfect bich 10 or heard good (or bad) things about this guitar, the pickups, etc.
mainly play metal, good amount of clean too though, so needed to know if the bich was good for heavier stuff as it already has a splitcoil for a clean noise (which seems like icing on the cake as i like many things about this guitar already!) but the main thing that bothers me is the pickups!, when i checked the specs i never heard about these pickups i was like (Wtf?) lol, and i tried to find reviews or comparisons, but alas no comparisons and most of the reviews i saw said they were good but then again they were probably very biased... so help plz!
The bich is always good

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