i have a peavey zodiac bxp, and hafter watching a ton of buckethead, i would really like a kill switch on my bass, its got P/J style pickups, anyone have this done on their bass or know if it would work?
sure it would work but why on a bass? it's not exactly the foremost instrument in a band
It would definitely work, although I can't see any practical use for it with bass.


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I'd put my mids up if I were you, that'd be the easiest way to get people to care that you have a bass killswitch.
killswitches are nice when you need a quick volume cut. just saying.

yes. I believe a person here called thebassfather has one, maybe he'll divulge his killswitch know how.
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dead easy, exactly the same rules will apply for installing it as on a guitar. all akill switch is is a short ciruit accross the input jack.
Diagram please, sir.
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bro, its still a guitar. Do you think the wires say to them self 'wait a minute, these strings are too big and the neck it really long, I don't like this at all so I'm not going to work'

Really man, it's just common sense.
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As simple as that.
I drew this for someone ages ago, can't remember who it was... but apparently they played an rbx.

In a nutshell, all your are doing is using a button or switch to let current through (NOT stop the current) to get to the ground. This immediately cuts the signal.

If you were to cut the signal from the input jack you would have that horrible sound you get every time you rip out a lead when the amp is still on.
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Yes. Why wouldn't it work. And theres an entire thread dedicated to killswitches in the gear building forum. Maybe try search bar next time?
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Well it was a bass specific question.

a kill switch doesn't care about the shape or how many strings a guitar has or even what would. Surely that's common sense?!?!
Been in Japan since August, no fucking money left!
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Again, not the point.
The person was asking about killswitchs in relation to bass.

Maybe the OP has very limited knowledge of how the wiring works in instruments. Let's not judge people just because they have less knowledge than us.
thainks for the help guys. i dont play in a band , i just jam on my own **** and am looking for more sounds and whatnot,

my bass doesnt have a volume knob, it has a pressence/tone dial but not a master volume, would it go between the 2 seperate pickup volume knobs?
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not to high jack but what exactly does a killswitch do??

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Killswitch. Simple. I Have one in every bass that I own.

Take a Momentarily ON switch from Radio Shack, and solder one wire to each of teh two lugs. Then solder each wire onto your input jack. (One wire on your Hot, one of your Ground)

I can make a diagram that will work for anyone if you guys still dont understand.

(That or you can go to the searchbar and look for teh ultimate Killswitch thread. It will teach you well...)
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so do you wire in between 2 volume knobs?
No, killswitches won't work on bass. Only guitar. The... capacitance of the... lower frequencies... would result in a switch that... wouldn't groove... or... work with a song... especially for types of guitars that are... lower...?

You could also get a tuner pedal.
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You could always do the running man on the pedal.

Or... you mentioned a TREMOLO EFFECT... nah, they never made a pedal like that.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
Could you turn on and off a tuner pedal at the same speed than a button?
Plus with a pedal you have to stamp once for off then again to turn it back on, which in my opinion would be alot less efficient than tapping a small button on the body.