Here are two vids of me singing:



I was wondering two things:

Whats the name of my lowest sung note? (D1, F3 etc)

What would be the range consisting of lowest sung note to the highest note?

FYI, the highest note in the second vid is not the top of my range.

And please make sure to read the description for each video.
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hocusfocus, comments like that are unnecessary. Consider your post reported.

bsoates, your range seems to be over two octaves and short of three octaves. As for your lowest note, it's not very clear due to how you are singing it, but I think it's somewhere around C2. Definitely not close to D1.
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First off...you're not singing nearly loud enough...and you're not using your diaphragm.

You don't ALWAYS have to use your diaphragm, but you're singing from your throat here. Not only will you injure your vocal chords that way, but you'll never get a full tone.

Basic singing technique is to lie on your back and sing, put your hands on your stomach and force the air out using your hands at first. That will give you an idea of what it should feel like. Then do it without your hands...really make the air move out of your lungs.

Also...focus on tone. Steady tone. Play a note...sing the same note...steady tone no wavering...record yourself, hear it. Do it again...

It's difficult to tell your lowest note here because you're not really "singing" the lowest note, more like growling...the lowest note you can sing clearly should be your benchmark.