Well this isn't really my style, but you have a very nice voice. The playing is very much an accompaniment to the vocals. It might be cool if you added in more instrumentation at the transitions of the song like during the chorus. However, as for the recording itself, everything seems to be pretty clean. Nice job, and thanks for checking my stuff out.
i listened to it and though it was a pretty good slow pop rock song. Your vocals were pretty good however i wish you did a slight bit more instrument wise even if it was just arpegiating the chords. anyways thanks for the crit and i think this is a solid track, although not adventurous enough for me.
NIce relaxed vibe off the bat. I would prefer a little less twang in your voice. but I guess thats part of the schtick.
-Nice melody, nice and soothing. Cool groove.
-You're a good singer, well done on the vocals. Only complaint thus far is that its a little boring, double up and play some lead over the chords :P.
-nice song man. short and sweet. Keep it up.

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Another brilliant song here! You're playing really reminds me of Doug Paisley which is a really great thing cause he is awesome. You're singing is good, however I think in some parts it sounds as if you are holding back and maybe singing a bit quietly, but overall the style suits the song really well. The lyrics, as with your other sing i listened to, are class; funny yet not silly or crude. I can't really think of anything else to crit, except I would like to have heard the song go on longer because I like it!
Thoroughly enjoyable good job dude. I really liked your voice, you have an excellent country sounding voice. and you have a lot of talent writing them. so good job.